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Cost Consultancy

Our primary service provides a comprehensive understanding and guidance on all the aspects related to the development of a project throughout its various stages. From Inception to completion, setting initial budgets, through to detailed cost plans and an understanding of the whole life costs for a project.

Quantity Surveying

The traditional role of preparing Bills of Quantities, undertaking on site valuations and preparing final accounts is still the back bone in understanding many other aspects of cost management. We are pleased to still actively provide this service and maintain an in-house training programme to ensure that all Cost Consultants/ Managers from trainees upwards are conversant in the skills required.

Whole Life Cycle Costing

With the ever-increasing importance to look at the true cost of a project from concept design through to construction, use of the facility and eventual demolition our systems enable a true picture to be built up. This may be analysed from different perspectives such as capital spend versus maintenance costs and allow clients to have a more informed basis on which to make development decisions.

Value Engineering

Either as part of a project team or as an independent facilitator we are able to lead the process of reviewing a project at key stages to review value achieved through design and specification. Typically this links back to the original generating requirements to assess how well the business requirements are being met.